Thank You

ron mckerlie

Thank you for joining us for the 2019 Mohawk Partnership Dinner. We hope you enjoyed the evening and the presentations about City School and Mohawk’s new Challenge 2025 program.

City School brings college into the community, preparing students for the work world, to contribute to society, to make a difference. When we give people access to college education, we open up a world of opportunities. We give them something that can’t be taken away – an education – and we give them hope.

Over the last 3 years, City School has provided people with new opportunities, and new hope. And this year, a number of City School graduates will receive their diplomas in June.

City School is a successful model. It is transformational and the impact is generational.
City School Concept - Foster individual and community prosperity by:

  • Bringing Mohawk College directly into priority neighbourhoods
  • Offering free college course and employment workshops
  • Engaging with residents, employers, and service providers to bridge the skills gap
  • Partnering with organizations to develop, deliver and evaluate programming
  • Leveraging public and private funding and other resources to maximize breadth and depth of programming

The Impact


Mariette McKerracher

“Without City School in my community, I would not have had the opportunity to explore college, or even thought about trying to apply.”
Mariette McKerracher, Social Service Worker program

“It’s that spark. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a first step that could change your life.”
Tom Weisz, City School donor

“Because of City School, somebody might be given the opportunity to attend postsecondary that they didn’t think possible.”
Patrick Fusaro, Navigator, City of Hamilton

Sarah MacPherson

“City School encouraged me to not hold myself back, because you’re never too old to try something new.”
Sarah MacPherson, Child and Youth Care program

“This is one way we can support something that for us is completely in alignment with our personal values.”
Ann McLaughlin, City School donor and Distinguished Fellow

“We know that the candidates who come through City School have a great impact on the work we do with seniors and the people we serve in the community.”
Steve Sherrer, CEO Thrive Group

Challenge 2025

challenge 2025

With a 5-year plan, we intend to build on the success of the City School model and Mohawk’s extensive partnerships in the Hamilton area. We are convinced we can and must to do more, and be more, for the people in our community.

  • May 2019 – 15 key community leaders in a task force, 5 months
  • Summer 2019 – taskforce develops recommendations on how Mohawk can be more impactful, reach more people who need college training, and increase its positive contribution to Hamiltonians
  • Fall 2019 – implementation plan developed and approved

Meet the Co-Chairs and Task Force Members

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Give people new opportunities. And new hope.
Through Challenge 2025, Mohawk will make a positive impact on Hamilton’s future. But, with your support, partnership and commitment, we can do a great deal more.
Learn how you can help Challenge 2025.